2016 Official Zozobra Artists

Every year, the hottest art contest in Santa Fe centers around that cranky giant with the enormous ego, Zozobra! The pleasure of creating a personal vision of Old Man Gloom is an even hotter thrill when the winning artists see their artwork on hundreds of collectible posters and T-shirts!

The Official Zozobra Poster and Official T-shirt Contest is open to artists of all ages, and the winning poster and T-shirt will be revealed at the Girls Inc. of Santa Fe Arts & Crafts Fair on the Plaza, on Saturday, August 6, 2016! One additional artwork is chosen as the Official tickets poster.

All of the artists will be on hand to sign their artwork!


The 2016 Official Zozobra Poster  was designed by Russell Thornton!

Read about our Official Poster Artist, Russell Thornton:

I have loved to create for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I would finish my work and doodle in every square inch of space left on my paper. If a teacher complained, my mother would just say “Then give him more work!”  I grew up in the southwestern United States. As kids, my friends and I would spend countless hours exploring the desert land around our neighborhood. This has influenced my art to this day. I draw what I know. Mountains, sun, sand, snow....lizards, ravens, jackalopes, dragons. You know - all the usual stuff.

In school and afterwards, I was busy with cartoons, comics, fantasy illustrations, band posters, fan magazines, you name it. I studied and practiced to be an illustrative artist but somewhere along the way I got hungry. My chef career chose me and it spanned over three decades. No complaints since it is what brought me to New Mexico 20 years ago and I’ve been unable to escape its grasp ever since. During this time, I have always been busy with more than cooking - writing and illustrating a cookbook, drawing logos, posters, glassware and t-shirt images, and more for restaurants and breweries. I have also done numerous ice sculptures as well a vegetable, fruit, and pumpkin carvings. Two years ago, I did my first wood carving, creating St. Francis from a chokecherry tree cut on our property.

Being a chef can be rewarding but also demanding, leaving little time for anything else. Last year, I decided to return to my roots and pick up my art career. I cook only for friends and family now. My two kids are grown and have moved on with their lives and careers, saving the world. My partner Elizabeth and I dwell in the south capital district at the heart of Santa Fe. Her daughter and family reside in Santa Fe as well. I am building my portfolio of color illustrations and do a weekly comic I dubbed “MetroGlyphs” in the Santa Fe Reporter. My current series of fantasy work “Visions Along The Camino Unreal” can be viewed on my recently christened website www.RussellThornton.com. I hope you enjoy my visual explorations of our cultures, environment, and imagination.


The 2016 Official Zozobra T-shirt was designed by Michael Martinez!

Read about our Official T-shirt Artist, Michael Martinez: 

Artistic inspiration began as a young man growing up in the culturally rich Northern New Mexico Valley. Learning various crafts from his mother Delma and his older brother Adam, along with his creative and ingenious late grandfather, Gonzalo Martinez, Michael Martinez began his own journey into creative arts with credit to longtime friend and mentor, Ted Salazar. He also attended the University of New Mexico Graphic Design program which allowed him to explore different techniques while embarking on his unique and diverse style.

After taking time away to concentrate on his family and his career, Michael picked up a brush and a palette again as a way to show his young children that through imagination and creativity one could create beauty to share with others. To Michael, art is the beauty of finding details that once passed through someone’s mind and flowed through their subconscious, finally finding its way onto a canvas, paper or any form for a visual human experience.

Michael’s concepts come from the way he views the world and interprets those views in his mind, then gracefully creates his vision to share with all. His art varies from a glistening Northern New Mexico lowrider paint job to a stretched canvas forming the beauty that once passed through his heart and mind. These are just some examples of art that place a momentary mark on the ever expanding journey in which he walks with a vision and brush at his side.


The 2016 Official Zozobra Ticket/Merchandise Poster was designed by Terry Bohannon!

Read about our Official Ticket/Merchandise Poster Artist Terry Bohannon:

Terry Bohannon was born in Roswell, New Mexico, but grew up in Santa Fe. After high school, Terry found a job with the State of New Mexico, where he married and began a family. Terry has two daughters and two granddaughters. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

Terry began drawing at an early age, took art classes all through in high school and has continued to draw and paint his whole life. In his spare time, he does cross-stitch, latch-hook and makes things out of polymer clay. He loves to work with his hands in all mediums.

Terry entered the T-Shirt contest back in 2014 and won. It is the only T-Shirt that sold out not once, but twice! This is something that he is very proud of.

Terry has always had a great sense of humor and tries to make others laugh. Terry has an older brother and a younger sister so he is the middle child. This is why he is who he is. Those of you that know him probably understand.


The 2016 Official Zozobra Premium Ticket Design was created by Sami Romero!

Read about our Official Premium Ticket Artist, Sami Romero: 


I am so honored and beyond grateful that my work was chosen as the VIP/Specialty Ticket design. My family has strong ties to New Mexico, Santa Fe and Zozobra. As a child, I remember being a Gloomie standing in front of Zozobra in awe. Here was this iconic image that brings Santa Fe together right in front of me. Throughout the years my family and I participated in many events with Zozobra, stuffing him and helping out in any way that we could. When I learned the theme for this year I was beyond excited, I looked up WW2 posters and themes which is where I came across the samurai image, one that I’ve always loved. I really enjoyed merging these two powerful images together. This is actually the first contest I’ve ever entered any of my art in, and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

For me, it’s still so surreal to see people enjoy what I make - it’s almost unbelievable. As a child, I always enjoyed drawing, coloring and doing crafts. Including anything I could get my hands on and make messes with, much to my parents dismay, I’m sure. I originally kept my artwork to myself, for fear of ridicule and embarrassment. It wasn’t until the past year when I broke the wrist on my dominant hand and feared that I wouldn’t ever be able to draw again. The accident, unexpectedly, had such a profound effect on my life. I began posting doodles and what I dubbed as “messes” online through Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets.  The reactions that I got from people were incredible. Hearing that people felt a deep connection to my passion and what I was making really makes me feel this is my way to connect to people.

I strive to inspire and enrich my community through  art; there is beauty to be appreciated all around us. The best reactions I find are always from the children, and their responses never cease to make me smile. I love when kids come up and ask me to show them how I draw stuff. I love to show them that they can do it too. I’m so honored that my art is helping the Kiwanis in aiding to the children of my community. I will continue to inspire individuals of all ages through my artwork. I want everyone to know that you can do anything you set your mind to. It may take hard work and determination, but you’re unstoppable and capable of anything.