2016 Official Zozobra Student Artists

Every year, hundreds of Santa Fe children get all fired up about Zozobra and create their vision of Old Man Gloom on paper! These budding artists have an abiding love for Zozobra and boy, does it ever show!

Two Student Art Contest winners, ages 5-18, chosen from over 600 entries, are represented as the Zozobra Kids' Poster and Zozobra Kids' T-shirt Artists.  The winning poster and T-shirt will revealed at the Girls Inc. of Santa Fe Arts and Crafts Festival on the Santa Fe Plaza on Saturday, August 6, 2016.

The winning artists will be at ZozoFest on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 6pm to sign their work. And all - yes, ALL - of the student artwork will be on display in the Zozobra Art Exhibit on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28, 2016. Join us then to see the unbridled imagination and creativity that these students artists possess!


Ean Garcia designed our 2016 Official Student Poster!

Read about Ean Garcia, our Student Poster Artist:

Hello, my name is Ean Garcia, and I am not sure what really made me decide to draw a picture of Zozobra, probably my art teacher. Anyways I am sure glad I did. I am not really that interested in a lot of drawing or art, but I am kind of good at it at least for the most part. Well, my art work is a huge picture of Zozobra with fireworks, he has colorful hair, two checkered patches on his shoulders, green red and black eyes, and finally he has a cut white man dress.

What really does interest me is riding my dirt bike, playing basketball, and football. What I am the best at is dirt biking, and I might even start racing in a year or something like that. One thing I also am okay at is basketball.  On the football part, I don’t play it, I just like to watch it.

To me, Zozobra is exciting when they burn him, and when the fire dancers are spinning the fire. I think that this is a way of gathering people and making some fun in Santa Fe, because to be honest there is not much here to do that is that exciting. So I guess this is the end of this biography, and I hope you enjoy all the art that was made, and have a good day.


Natalia Canaca designed our 2016 Student T-shirt!

Read about Natalia Canaca, our 2016 Zozobra Student T-shirt Artist: 

Natalia Canaca was born in Santa Fe NM on October 19th 2004. She is the oldest of three siblings.  Natalia has two brothers that she loves very much. Natalia is a girl who loves to hang out at her house. She loves to play with her brothers, cousin, or friends.  She is very family oriented.  You will always see Natalia surrounded by friends and family.

Natalia is very shy, but at the same time can be adventures and brave.  She likes to do different activities like bike riding, skating, swimming and playing soccer.  She is very active and always has to be doing something she likes.  She enjoys singing and drawing whenever she is on her own.   Since Natalia was very young, about 6 years old, she loved to sit down and draw.  She started drawing animals that she liked horses and wolves.

Natalia is a former student at Piñon Elementary.  Her favorite class is art class.  She enjoys drawing, painting or learning something new in her art class. Every year, the art class was ask to draw Zozobra.  When she drew Zozobra this year, it was different from her previous years.  She got inspired because she had attended the burning of Zozobra for the first time. She loved all the colors of the fireworks and the fire.  Natalia liked how the night was dedicated to burning Old Man Gloom.  Natalia’s drawings are at their best when it’s something she adores.  The tradition and story behind Zozobra is what Natalia used to do her drawing, and she hopes everyone enjoys the drawing.