2017 Official Zozobra Student Artists

Every year, hundreds of Santa Fe children get all fired up about Zozobra and create their vision of Old Man Gloom on paper! These budding artists have an abiding love for Zozobra and boy, does it ever show!

The Zozobra Student Art Contest winner, aged 5-18, is chosen from over 600 entries, and the winning artwork is used for the Zozobra Kids' T-shirt Artists. The winning T-shirt will revealed at the City of Santa Fe Fourth of July Celebration at Santa Fe Place Mall!

ariana henaAriana Jayla Hena designed our 2017 Official Zozobra Student T-Shirt!

Read about Ariana, our Student T-shirt Artist:

The Official 2017 Zozobra Kids T-shirt was designed by Ariana Jayla Hena, who is 9 years old and was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on March 5, 2008 to Louie Hena, Jr. of Tesuque Pueblo and Melody Valdez of Santa Fe. She attends Piñon Elementary School, where she is an A and B Honor Roll student. Ariana has Native American and Hispanic ancestry and spends most of her time both on the Pueblo and in the city. Her native language is Tewa and her Tewa name is Po Povi Tsaye which means Yellow Squash Flower. She has has three siblings - one older sister and two younger brothers - whose names are Amara, Tyrus and Aiden Hena. She has several aunties, uncles, many first cousins and her favorite – three grandparents. Her dad’s roots come from Zuni, Hopi, Ohkay Oweenge, Tesuque and Ireland. Her mom comes from a long line of Spanish heritage: Valdez, Sandoval, Martinez and Lucero. Ariana is very proud of her family’s heritage and where she comes from. She loves to be outdoors riding bikes, fishing, camping and rafting, and she also loves to travel. Ariana likes to draw and color, and to love to sing and dance. She dances for her Pueblo’s Feast Days and when she doesn’t dance for Feast Days, she helps with taking care of the younger children, cleaning and serving food. Ariana loves to participate in all of of her Pueblo's Tribal Doings. She has been training in Jiu Jitsu for 3 years at New Era Mixed Martial Arts Academy.  She has also been on the wrestling team for her school for two years in a row bringing home a first place in her first year (2016), as well as first and second place in her second year (2017). Her dad and his family are raft guides for the Los Rios Rivers Runners Native Culture Feast and Float located in Taos, NM, and Ariana helps her family prepare for rafting trips. She helps serve food for the people and sometimes she rides  the raft and listen to her family speak to the people about their culture. She is  learning to be a raft guide. This is a girl who likes to learn new things, be active, and stay busy!

In her artist's statement, Ariana says, "I used some of my favorite colors for my drawing. Instead of drawing fire, I drew fireworks on the sides of Zozobra. The fireworks are my favorite part of the burning of Zozobra. I tried to draw him exactly how I remembered him but with colors that look like fire."

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.26.10 AMTheresa Russell designed our 2017 Official Zozobra Student Poster!

Read about Theresa, our Student Poster Artist: 

Theresa Russell was born in Santa Monica, California, and moved to Santa Fe in 2006 when she was a year old. She was home-schooled for preschool and part of Kindergarten, then attended Eldorado Elementary school for four years. She spent fourth grade at Salazar Elementary where she participated in the Cheerleading Squad, which she loved. She was a cheerleader in fifth and sixth grades at Piñon Elementary. Next year, she will enroll as a seventh grader at Mandela International Magnet School where she will remain for middle and high school.

From kindergarten until fourth grade, Theresa sang in the children’s choir at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and served as a soloist cantor on several occasions. She played in the Piñon Elementary Orchestra for two years, and plans to continue her music studies at Mandela.

She enjoys drawing, painting in acrylics and watercolors, sculpting in clay, and worked in mixed media. She is beginning to experiment with graphic design on the iPad.

Theresa's Inspiration For Art: "A while ago, I had learned of Zozobra, a giant marionette effigy that is built and burned during the annual Fiestas de Santa Fe in Santa Fe. The intent is to burn bad memories and a part of it just seemed magical. This drawing is intended to help others share what it feels like to be present at the Fiestas de Santa Fe and, hopefully, to see this annual ritual and feel the magic that I felt when I attended.

The burning of Zozobra is a very colorful and almost magical experience, with fireworks, music, and performances. My drawing shows the flames and the fireworks in an attempt to show what it is like to be there and be a part of the experience."