2018 Official Student Artists

Every year, hundreds of Santa Fe children get all fired up about Zozobra and create their vision of Old Man Gloom on paper! These budding artists have an abiding love for Zozobra and boy, does it ever show!

The Zozobra Student Art Contest winner, for ages 5-18, is chosen from over 600 entries, and the winning artwork is used for the Zozobra Kids' T-shirt and Poster Art. The winning T-shirt will revealed at the City of Santa Fe Fourth of July Celebration at Santa Fe Place Mall!

Jose Rubalcava Rason designed our 2018 Official Zozobra Student Poster! Jose is a 14-year-old Santa Fe artist. About his winning drawing, Jose says that “I drew the picture because at the time it was the only thing interesting to do. My father is an artist, and he can draw well. I sometimes like to draw. It is a good outlet for me. Drawing Zozobra and winning was a surprise and an accomplishment that I didn’t expect. In drawing Zozobra it came as a challenge, and it helped me to relax. Zozobra is made of gloom, and I see him as a way to release my own gloom. It was a random thing for me to do, and I am happy.”


The 2018 Official Zozobra Student T-shirt was designed by 10-year-old Marcos Matinez. Marcos  is an Honor Roll Student who attends Piñon Elementary School, and he will be in 5th grade during the 2018-2019 school year. Marcos enjoys playing basketball for the school and hanging out with his friends. His favorite subject is math. When he grows up, Marcos wants to become a Dentist or Pro Athlete. He is also an orange belt with Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0. During the summer Marcos plays baseball in Espanola for the Braves. Marcos enjoys fishing, hunting, riding his ATV, watching basketball and football, playing on his iPad, and most of all he loves spending time with his family.

Marcos resides half time in Espanola with his father, Nicholas, his wife Alecia, and his sister Aveaha. When he’s not in Espanola, he lives in Santa Fe with his mom Jessica and her husband Phillip, along with his sisters Rayna and Candace and his brother Phillip.

Marcos has never watched Zozobra live, but he has always been fascinated with the idea. Even though he’s never watched Old Man Gloom burn, at age 4, he was part of a team that stuffed him and has gone to watch him be assembled at the Santa Fe Place Mall. He has watched many YouTube videos and he enjoys watching the fireworks, music, and seeing the different outfits Zozobra wears. When asked about his drawing he said “My picture represents love and peace. I used rainbow colors due to Zozobra being 60’s theme.”