2018 Official Zozobra Artists

Every year, the hottest art contest in Santa Fe, NM, centers around that cranky giant with the giormous ego, Zozobra! The pleasure of creating a personal vision of Old Man Gloom is an even hotter thrill when the winning artists see their artwork on hundreds of collectible posters and T-shirts!

The Official 2018 Zozobra Poster and Official T-shirt Contest was open to artists of all ages, and the winning poster and T-shirt will be revealed at the City of Santa Fe Fourth of July Celebration at Santa Fe Place Mall! One additional artwork is chosen as the Official tickets poster.

Both the 2018 Official Zozobra Poster and 2018 Official Ticket Poster were created by Amy Córdova! Just wait until you see how she pictured Old Man Gloom! Amy is an artist, arts educator, a nationally recognized children’s book illustrator, and an author. Córdova has displayed her delightful paintings ripe with brilliant, saturated color, in numerous exhibitions, museums, and galleries, across the U.S., for over thirty years. Córdova has also illustrated more than twenty-four children’s books for national publishers and authors, including five titles authored by New Mexico’s literary treasure, Rudolfo Anaya. She has received the American Libraries Association’s prestigious Pura Belpre National Honors Award twice for exceptional illustration, as well as many other national honors for her vibrant paintings. In 2013, and now again in 2018, her paintings of the infamous Santa Fe legend Zozobra, were selected as poster winners.

A descendent of a family who has resided in Northern New Mexico since the seventeenth century, Amy Córdova holds great love for her sense of place; the landscape, history, cultures and traditions of New Mexico, including the ever- cantankerous Zozobra! Her paintings can be found at the Boone Gallery in the heart of the historic Santa Fe Plaza.



The 2018 Official Zozobra T-shirt was created by David Di Janni! Born and raised in Santa Fe, David Di Janni's interest in drawing and painting began at an early age. His passion for art and his creative personality lead him to pursue a career in Graphic Design. David studied Fine Art at Fort Lewis College and later attended The Art Institute of Colorado where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

After working for various design firms in the Denver area, David returned to his hometown of Santa Fe to start his own creative business where he offers a wide range of services. David won the 2017 Zozobra t-shirt art contest. The design went on to achieve record sales as the best selling Zozobra t-shirt of all time. This success inspired him to open his own online store where he sells an array of products that feature works of art he creates in his free time. “Most of the time, I am working with clients on logos and graphics to try and capture their vision and ideas. It’s just nice to get away from that and design something for myself once in a while.”

You can check out David’s Graphic Design portfolio and art store at daviddijanni.com When asked what inspired his Zozobra design this year he said, “I was really excited to design something for the 1960s themed Zozobra as I knew the sixties were one of the most significant and inspirational decades in 20th-century art. When I think of art from the sixties, I think of the psychedelic Fillmore Auditorium posters and their elaborately ornate lettering. I just wanted to capture that style of art.”

The typography in this piece uses custom typefaces and colors indicative of the 1960s era to help expand awareness of the Decades Project.

Read about our Official 2018 Zozobra Ticket Artists here: 

Anna Marie Arguello was born October 21, 1978 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The second child of artist Mary Ann Arguello (nee Estorga), and Vietnam veteran, Marcos Nick Arguello. Her father is of Spanish descent with some French and Italian, and her mother is mostly Mexican Indian and some Spanish and Greek ancestry. She has an older sister and two younger brothers, all talented artists as well.

Anna attended Santa Fe High School, taking art and jewelry classes. She attended Drama I at the Santa Fe Community College, as well as attending Vogue College of Cosmetology, leaving before Graduation. At a very young age Anna displayed her love of Beauty and Art. Having started off drawing cartoon characters, her friends always asking for drawings, essentially teaching herself how to paint with oil and acrylic. She also loves history, music, dance, and theatre/movies. Currently Anna is working on a contemporary collection using the flow acrylic technique. She also does pet portrait paintings for sale.

Hi, my name is Cadence Gonzales, and I’m an incoming freshman at ATC, Academy for Technology and the Classics.

I’ve played on the varsity basketball team since 8th grade and I love Art, History and English.  In my free time I like playing video games, hiking with my dog Athena, and watching scary movies with my sister Cameron.

Zozobra is my favorite event and I’m so excited to be a part of it this year! I hope you enjoy my 60’s Zozo!  Don’t forget. In a gentle way, you can shake the world!

Erin Schultz is an aspiring artist born and raised around Albuquerque, NM. She has not had any formal training in art outside of grade school and one collage photography course, but feels strongly about making time to express herself creatively.  She is usually inspired by nature, focusing much of her work on various landscapes and animals in an illustrative style. She purposefully chose to participate in the Zozobra Art contest to get out of her comfort zone and try painting in a style with a subject that is not in her usual repertoire.

Erin lost touch with her artistic side until recently.  She became fascinated with the sciences and medicine while studying at UNM and eventually went on to earn a PhD in Biology from NMSU and subsequently a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from A.T. Still University in Arizona. Erin is currently enjoying practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant in Cardiology for New Mexico Heart Institute.

Erin has always felt that the arts and sciences are needed together for balance, both in us as individuals and as a society. After having lost this personal balance previously, she is reclaiming and reinventing it for herself, trying new and revisiting old techniques.  She looks forward to creating more acrylic and oil paintings; as well as, exploring the worlds of digital and night photography in the future.

Cristina Gallegos is a modern pop artist in New MexicoSome of her influences are Roy Lichtenstein and Banksy. She is also a fan of New Mexico based artists Ricardo Cate and Elizabeth Jose.

Her media includes acrylic painting, mixed media, photography, costume design, and jewelry design. Her various career paths have influenced her art, from the front and back of house in restaurants to managing Party Pits on the Las Vegas Strip.

Cristina and her wife Ryan can be seen all over the Land of Enchantment on adventures with their two dogs. Find Cristina on Facebook and Instagram at @gallegosarts.


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Kurt Baker received his Bachelor's Degree from San Jose State University in General Design Studies with an emphasis in Art Direction. Born in San Francisco as a “product” of the Summer of Love, Kurt was inspired by the old psychedelic 1960's Fillmore Rock & Roll Posters. They may have actually been an influence on Kurt to become a designer!

After graduating, Kurt moved to Colorado to pursue a career in Graphic Design working at a number of small studios, larger agencies and a number of freelance projects for about eight years or so he gained a great amount of experience in the industry.

Upon relocating to New Mexico in 2010, Kurt began mainly taking on freelance design work only part time to leave more time to pursue a future in the food production and distribution business. This is temporarily on hold and he is now managing a small self storage facility in Bernalillo. Kurt continues to product artwork, jewelry and graphic design on a regular basis to keep his creative chops up.

Ingrid Louie was born in a city recognized at the time as Santa Fe de Bogotá (capital of Colombia) now called Bogotá D.C. She says, "It is a big city full of sharp contrasts, art, theatre, dance, beautifully spoken Spanish…. a unique place, I love uniqueness and character and if also culture is offered, that is where I want to be. I have been to many beautiful places in the US, but New Mexico is where I feel the strongest connection to my roots and my identity."

My family, half artistically inclined and half, let's say, “conventional”: my father a lawyer my mother an entrepreneur. I’m sure I got the working-with-my-hands gene from my grandmother who was a very skilled seamstress with very elevated taste and always creating glamorous outfits for all of us. She taught me how to use a sewing machine at age 6 and I started making little dresses for my dolls then; little after, I started experimenting with clay, wood, leather and other materials attractive to me. It was evident that colors, textures, shapes and forms were in my blood.

After graduating from High School, I went into Industrial Design professional studies in Bogotá-Colombia and then moved to NYC in my 20’s where I completed a two-year program in Fashion Design at FIT. I designed and made custom clothes for many people while also working at fun jobs mostly related to fashion accessories and graphic arts. For ten years, before moving to Albuquerque 2 years ago, I had been designing and creating Fine Jewelry and Artisan Jewelry with silver and semiprecious stones. I will continue to make jewelry because I love it, but also plan to start working with wood and metal in the near future."

Adelita Michelle Medina is a multi-media artist, social justice and peace activist, and a free-lance writer. She grew up in northern New Mexico, but moved to New York City in 1975 where she studied and worked for 25 years. She returned to her hometown of Española in 2004 and now resides in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She expresses her emotions and beliefs through her art and writing. As a freelance journalist, she has published numerous articles on topics ranging from worker, immigrant, veterans’ and women’s rights, to women’s health & safety, business, and arts and culture.

After retiring in 2014, Adelita Michelle returned to her art work and begin to explore watercolors, a medium she had never tried before. As a young person, growing up in a devoutly Catholic home, she loved drawing with colored pencils and produced many religious images at home and school. The last presidential election and recent troubling policies prompted her to vent and otherwise communicate her fears and hopes through her art.

In November 2017, Adelita Michelle curated her first art show entitled: We the People/El Pueblo Unido for Peace, Justice and Mother Earth. The exhibit which included her artwork and that of five other New Mexico artists opened at El Chante Casa de Cultura in Albuquerque. From March – May 2018, she had a one-person art show in New York City at the Luisa Capetillo Gallery located in the El Barrio Firehouse Media Center. The pieces in the show were mixed media collages which included strong images and words against racism, degradation of our planet, and our country’s continued obsession with war and militarism. Others conveyed hope and advocacy for love, peace, harmony, women’s rights, and respect for our Madre Tierra/Mother Earth. Adelita Michelle holds an M.S. degree in Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and a B.A. in Art and English from New Mexico Highlands University.

Stacey Sherman is an artist originally from Bennington, Vermont. She graduated from Maine College of Art in 2008 with a BFA in Painting. After having a vague dream about the southwest she packed up her art supplies and moved across the country with her love. Now she lives with her fiance, 2 year old and two cats in Santa Fe.

Staceys work is done primarily in oil paint, encaustic, or colored pencil. The majority of her paintings and encaustic work is representational and influenced by fringe concepts from the paranormal and psychology. Through layers of material she explores symbols, dreams, and memories.

Stacey's love for children's books and the birth of her first child has also inspired her to start illustrating and writing for children. You can see her artwork on Sundays at the Railyard Artisan Market and also online atwww.staceysherman.net

The Evergreen Zozobra Poster, still on sale, was designed by Michael Martinez! 

Artist Michael E. Martinez, in collaboration with his wife Candie Martinez, created the company Michael Martinez Designs in 2016. Michael has been a striving artist for 25+ years. He grew up in Chimayo, NM, where Northern New Mexico culture grows rampant.

Michael creates original works of art, through a variety of media. He specializes in paintings and graphic design. His style and flair represent his past and present experiences, all while keeping his Northern New Mexico values and culture embodied in his work.

Michael has received many awards and accolades for his work, which include the Contemporary Hispanic Market First Time Exhibitor as well as becoming one of Santa Fe’s Zozobra artists. New Mexico Tourism department has also named Michael Martinez Designs New Mexico True Certified in 2017.

Michael Martinez Designs also creates apparel and can be purchased through his website www.michaelmartinezdesigns.com and is featured at Brotique 505 in Albuquerque, NM. Original art work can be found at Orale Gallery in Taos, NM and Vida Loca Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

Michael's design for the Evergreen Zozobra Poster is entitled "Big Daddy O’ Gloom." This digital artwork captures the initial stages of the burning of Zozobra with the majestic scenery of the New Mexico evening sky lighting up with fireworks, showcased by using a color palette that gives the feel of a vintage poster.