Our First Zozobra Commercial “Nosferatu” first aired July 4, 2014 on KOAT TV.

Our first Zozobra was inspired by the 1922’s Nosferatu.  Originally released in 1922 as “Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror”, this chilling and eerie adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” is a silent masterpiece of terror which to this day is a striking and frightening portrayal of the legend. What a fitting way to start off Zozo’s TV presence for 2014!

Our Second Zozobra Commercial “Nosferatu” first aired July 4, 2014 on KOAT TV.

Zozobra as Snidely Whiplash. Whiplash is the stereotypical villain in the style of stock characters found in silent movies and earlier stage melodrama, wearing black clothing, cape, and a top hat, and twirling his long handlebar moustache. He has a henchman named Homer, who usually wears a tuque. In the cartoon’s opening segments, Snidely is seen tying Nell Fenwick to a railroad track. He is the antithesis of Do-Right, who is the archetype of goodness and a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman. What a fitting way to continue Zozo’s TV presence for 2014!

As our Ad campaign continues check here for new commercials!

Santa Feans, New Mexicans and Fellow Americans throughout, To kick off the ultimate animated experience, a series of animated commercials will be premiering starting this month! I Mark Trujillo hope you enjoy my work!… Muchas muchas gracias to these talented participants:

David Enoch McPherson (scenery and background animation)   also a  digital media jack of all trades based in Santa Fe. His videos span the range between experimental and abstract eye candy, to freelance documentary and commercial work. “I like to create the unseen and see the world and translate it through open eyes and the technology we use to reveal different layers of that world.”

Ray Sandoval (the man, the myth, awesomeness of Will Shuster’s Zozobra, Event Chairman and commercial c0-storyboard and scripts). -Mark Trujillo, Commercial Producer

“I cannot thank you enough !! The Commercials  exceeded my wildest dreams! Thank you Mark!!! and all of you that helped! Zozobra and I are forever in your debt!!!”  -Raymond G. Sandoval, Zozobra Event Chairman

Mark Trujillo has made a name for himself in music, sculpture and art for many well renown companies and communities located throughout the country and  has brought his passion back to his home town of santa Fe, NM in 2009.

That is when he began expressing how much of a huge fan he is of Zozobra: by creating Zozobra merchandise such as candles, jewelry, novelties, clothing accessories and fine art. He was the official t shirt and poster artist for 2012 and his artwork of the behemoth’s gaze was featured in 2013 on the back of the tshirts.

2013 was also the year that his life long dream of being a film maker and animator commenced as he brought to life animated experiences via commercials to the Santa Fe  Kiwanis’ table . it all started with his Zozobra animated short film that has been in production since then and has been looked upon with great anticipation.

With a great turn of coincidental events, the film, which will mostly take place in the 1920 s, the time period Will Shuster and his artistic pioneering friends revolutionized Santa Fe history by bringing Zozobra to the Santa Fe Fiestas tradition. The overall theme happened to be the perfect start to the decades countdown and the spectacular 1920s theme of this year’s burning of “Old Man Groucher”. The awesome appreciation these commercials have graced is a dazzling preview of what is yet to come and for all of you still awaiting with great anticipation for this animated film to be released, your patience WILL BE REWARDED!

These commercials symbolize that it is time to put gloom, depression, anxiety and sadness where it all belongs and set ablaze. As the commercials signify the portrayal of gloom and doom in1920 s pop culture, we see “Old Man Groucher” (his former name in the1920 s before he was known as Zozobra) as the typical 1920 s villain. He creeps and stalks throughout Santa Fe just like Nosferatu… He ties the Fiesta Queen to railroad tracks just like the cowardly criminals did in those old black and white damsel in distress scenes that were well known then. Old Man Groucher is a pinnochio-like creation that has gone astray and Will Shuster is it’s  Geppetto who must send the monstrosity to it’s fiery end in order to kick off the city’s glorious celebration!