Shus in Dilemma

When DID El Pasatiempo Begin?

By Will Shuster

(Reprinted from The Santa Fe Scene, August 9, 1958)

Charley Comfort called me last night and asked if I would write a story on “El Pasatiempo” for The Santa Fe Scene.

At six this morning I crawled out of bed and put on a pot of coffee. Now, three cups of coffee and an hour and a half later, after having waded through years of clippings, I find that I am faced with a dilemma. Of course, it is of no great importance, but still it bothers me. Was the first Pasatiempo held in the fall of 1924 or was it 1926 ? Quien sabe ? Some one must know. This fuzzy memory of mine is of no help, especially when it is confused by old Santa Fe New Mexican clippings some of which attribute it to the year of 1924, and others to 1926. Perhaps B. B. Dunne, Ina Cassidy, Ruth Alexander, Witter Bynner or some of the other old timers with sharper memories will know the answer….And Zozobra was born.