Art Heals

Thank You for Submitting Your Artwork And the Zozobra Art Heals Submissions Are Now Closed

What a different world we’re living in. A pandemic world. A world that none of us could have anticipated. A world whose challenges we share. 

Far too soon, Zozobra’s gloom has crept back into our lives, his spectral fingers suddenly reaching out to cause feelings of loss and misery. Not content with biding his time until he can wreak havoc on the last of our summer days, he has cast his gruesome web of worry over the simple joys of spring––sunny days, gardens growing, birds nesting, rivers flowing––and replaced them with staying home, wearing masks, families suffering, a community divided. 

The Mythology of Zozobra

Hiding in his mountain cave, alone, miserable and isolated from the joys of life we have known, he has watched with pleasure, laughing as we struggle against the fear and uncertainties that have befallen us. His dark cloud of anxiety and hopelessness has descended over our lives, making days seem endless and nights sleepless. But the dark is always vanquished by the light. 

When Zozobra materializes from the fog of anguish and grief that creates him every year, we the people unite to fight back against his insatiable hunger for despair. And every year, without fail, our collective joy and love, our collective faith and hope create a unified Fire Spirit who will expel our gloom. This year will be no different. Now more than ever, Zozobra must meet his immortal foe, the collective goodness in all of us embodied in the Fire Spirit. And Zozobra will burn. The flames that destroy him will light our way forward out of the darkness and back into the shining spirit that animates our City and our State. 

In that same spirit, right now we are united to fight a deadly worldwide challenge. Let us harness the power of art to express the strength and beauty of the human spirit and lift us up in the belief that together, we will share better days to come. 

The Santa Fe Kiwanis want you, our community, to express your own thoughts and feelings about Zozobra in the time of COVID-19. The challenges of staying at home are real.

Since quarantine life is leaving us all with more time on our hands, we invite you to create a new piece of artwork that reflects the unexpected conjunction of Zozobra and the Coronavirus. 

Zozobra Event Chair Ray Sandoval shows you how to draw Zozobra

We are planning to produce a new ADULT and CHILD Zozobra 2020 poster and t-shirt, and we would like to see your unique visual representation of how this unprecedented moment has affected you

The choice of media is yours but the artwork you submit for the poster must scale to 22” x 28” for printing. T-shirt art submissions must scale to 9” x 11” for printing. And this invitation is definitely for kids too, so please share this request to create with your family and friends. We're very sorry, but the stay-at-home mandate currently in effect means we can't accept hard-copy art, so submissions can only be made online. When you have completed your artwork, please click here to submit your artwork and fill out the entry form. Entries will not be accepted by email. Please send us your submission no later than Saturday, June 13, 2020, at 5 pm. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at


We invite you to submit up to three (3) images or one (1) video link about your creative process that we can share with our community. This opportunity is optional, but we'd love to see how Zozobra inspires you to create. Open to artists of all ages and abilities. Please submit your creative process images or video at the same time that you submit your artwork so we can give you the credit you deserve.