2020 Got You Down? Burn Your Gloom with ZOZOBRA in Santa Fe, New Mexico

2020 has been a tough year…an anxious year…and the 96th Burning of Zozobra helped everyone let go of all that gloom! 

Zozobra burning in 2019

2020 has been a tough year…an anxious year…isn’t it time to let go of all that gloom?  Santa Fe, NM, has the answer –– the original burning man, Zozobra, a weird, wonderful, one-of-a-kind, 96-year-old tradition!  An eerie 50-foot tall marionette, Zozobra embodies the gloom built up through this difficult year, moaning and groaning as he battles his immortal enemy, the Fire Spirit brought to life by the collective goodwill of all who yearn for a better world.

This year, the 2020 no-crowd event was televised live by KOAT Channel 7, New Mexico's ABC affiliate, and streamed on https://www.koat.com/. This year, everyone was able to watch this amazing historic tradition from the comfort and safety of their own home for free with no barriers to access.

Zozobra was filled with gloom from around the globe and for only $1, 113,013 people added their worries and woes to go up in smoke when Zozobra was reduced to ashes.

For 96 years, the City of Santa Fe has built and burned Zozobra, stuffing him from head to toe with thousands of glooms ­­–– bad habits, hurt feelings, our own failings, old love letters, divorce papers, photos, paid-off mortgages, parking tickets –– all placed on paper to go up in smoke when this New Mexico icon goes down in flaming fury.

Relationship gone south? Boss too bossy? Had it up to here with the virus? Whatever it is, we will burn that gloom for you!  Or want to be a little introspective? What have you done to cause gloom for others this year? What part of you do you want to leave in the past? What are you ready to let go of so you can start anew?

Filled to the top of his gloomy head, Zozobra will burn bigger and brighter than ever because of the intense woes of 2020.  Every gloom was printed out on paper and stuffed inside Zozobra before he burned on Friday, September 4, 2020.

Plenty of people also made a gift of this gloom liberation by sharing this unique tradition with friends, families, first responders who deserve a break or anyone they knew who needs release from the troubles of this difficult year.  We took care of the rest and sent a confirmation to let recipients know that the gift of gloom removal they received became part of Zozobra’s smoldering ashes.

Just by submitting your glooms, you did a good deed! As always, the net proceeds of the Burning of Zozobra, including this gloom-destruction program will help the Santa Fe Kiwanis fund the New Mexico nonprofits that make a better life for children.

The Burning of Zozobra released 2020's gloom and anxieties on Friday, September 4, 2020, televised on KOAT Channel 7, New Mexico’s ABC affiliate, and streamed at https://www.koat.com/ and we hope you were able to experience the excitement and be freed of this year’s worth of gloom.

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First Zozobra Gloom Doll 1954
One of the first Zozobra Glooms 1954
Creating Zozobra Glooms for fundraising, from the Santa Fe New Mexican, 1961
Feature from the Santa Fe New Mexican, August 1967
Zozobra burns 1927

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