Sing the National Anthem

Singers, here’s your big chance to sing for 55,000+ people.

The Santa Fe Kiwanis Club is holding auditions for the singing of the national anthem at the 2017 burning of the 93rd Zozobra.

Tryouts are Saturday, SATURDAY APRIL 15, 2017 at SANTA FE HIGH GYMNASIUM   All ages are allowed to apply.


Why are we holding Zozobra National anthem auditions so early this year?

The 2017 additions for the national anthem have been moved from August to April in order to accommodate high school students who would like to participate. Just as the art Contest was moved to April, a few years ago, the national anthem auditions are following both the feedback as well as the tested procedure of the art contest. Thus allowing high schools students who can't participate due to the beginning of School in mid to last week of August the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of 55,000+.

Apply below:

National Anthem Try Outs

National Anthem Try Outs