Burn My Gloom


Here you can submit all your gloom(s) –– your worries, anxieties and gloomy thoughts –– which will be printed out on paper and stuffed inside Zozobra to burn with him in Santa Fe, NM.
Enter your worries, your anxieties, and your gloomy thoughts.
Join gloom burners from around the world and put your gloom on the map! Nothing other than your zip code will appear on the map.

Help Your Friends Burn Their Gloom!

Know anyone who needs a chance to let their worries and troubles go up in smoke? Add their email addresses and we will send them a coupon code for a free Burn My Gloom. Enter up to five friends at only $1/friend. Make sure you type their email address(es) correctly to avoid extra gloom!

Burn My Gloom Upgrades

Upgrade your gloom and make sure that all your worries and troubles are taken care exactly how you want.
Upgrade to burn that picture of your ex, those divorce papers, that parking ticket, that report card, that dear john letter, and anything you need to have printed and burned in zozobra. (Files must be < 1MB in size.)
Get your own personal vial of Zozobra’s ashes as the memento to prove that no matter what gloomy thoughts you submitted to burn, they are permanently, utterly, totally gone-gone-gone! Memento Vials will be shipped separately after Zozobra burns.

Privacy Permission

BY CHECKING THIS BOX I GIVE MY PERMISSION to the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe to share your gloom publicly on the Zozobra broadcast/webcast and/or Zozobra social media accounts.
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What a year! Gloomy, right? Let's do something about that! Purchase a gloom and submit all your gloomy thoughts –– your worries, woes and anxieties –– and Kiwanis will print your glooms on paper and stuff them inside Zozobra to burn with him on Friday, September 03, 2021, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.