2016 Official Zozobra T-Shirt
The Official 2016 Zozobra T-shirt was designed by Michael Martinez, who says "his artistic inspiration began as a young man growing up in the culturally rich Northern New Mexico Valley." He learned various crafts through the creativity of his mother, older brother, and grandfather, and his studies in the UNM Graphic Design program allowed him to explore different techniques while embarking on his unique and diverse style.
2016 Official Zozobra Poster
Zozobra Poster - Adult, 28 x 22 WHITE U Velvet Cover - 100#, printed 5 colors front in CMYK & Aqueous ink The Official 2016 Zozobra poster was designed by Russell Thornton, who notes that he has "loved to create for as long as I can remember." His career as a chef led him to New Mexico 20 years ago, and he has been busy ever since with much more than cooking - writing and illustrating a cookbook, drawing logos, posters, glassware and t-shirt images and more for restaurants and breweries. His comic, “MetroGlyphs,” appears weekly in the Santa Fe Reporter.
2016 Official Zozobra Child T-Shirt
This year's Official 2016 Zozobra Child T-shirt was designed by Natalia Canaca, who says she "got inspired because she had attended the burning of Zozobra for the first time. She loved all the colors of the fireworks and the fire." It was the tradition and story behind Zozobra that helped Natalia create this great design!
2016 Official Zozobra Child Poster
Zozobra Children's Posters, 12 x 18 U Velvet Cover - 100# , Digitally Printed on 1 side This year's Official 2016 Zozobra Child Poster was designed by Ean Garcia, who says that his artwork is "a huge picture of Zozobra with fireworks, he has colorful hair, two checkered patches on his shoulders, green, red and black eyes, and finally, he has a cut white man dress." Ean finds the burning of Zozobra exciting, and he thinks it's a great way of gathering people and creating fun in Santa Fe.